Fun Facts


This page contains little know and interesting facts about Riverdale City. The page is currently under development. There are a few fun facts listed below and many other fun facts will be listed at various times in the near future.

Fun Facts

  • Before being called Riverdale, early names for this area were: "Stringtown," Thompson's Settlement," and "Union."

  • Riverdale was once home to two drive-in theaters, the Riverdale Drive-in which was on the site where the Cherry Creek Apartments are now located, and the Motor-Vu Drive-in on 1050 West which is still open for business.

  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Riverdale is surrounded by two airports, Hill Air Force Base to the south and Ogden Hinckley Airport to the northwest. Riverdale has a major railroad line running through the city. We also have two interstate freeways running through the city, I-15 and I-84, in addition to Riverdale Road, one of the busiest roads in Northern Utah. Despite all this, Riverdale maintains a peaceful residential community.

  • In 1900 the population was 282.

  • The population went from 871 in 1950 to 1,848 in 1960, a 112% increase.

  • The land area of Riverdale is 4.44 sq. miles.

  • Two museums are within the city limits of Riverdale: The Hill Aerospace Museum and the Roy Historical Museum.

  • There are 1,868 people per square mile in Riverdale City.

  • The elevation or Riverdale City is 4,355 feet (varies on the east bench and west bench).

  • Riverdale was settled in 1850.

  • Riverdale City was incorporated on March 4, 1946.

  • Riverdale officially obtained that status of city on July 9, 1956.

  • Riverdale's first school teacher, Hugh Findlay, also made matches on the side. A box of 200 matches sold for 25 cents.
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