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Daniel Burch was one of the first settlers of this area coming west in 1848 and establishing a home along the eastern bank of the Weber River and sawmill near the ferry crossing.  Harnessing the power of the river, Burch milled lumber from the plentiful cottonwood trees to construct homes, barns, and many of the early businesses in the area.  In October 1851 a fire damaged part of the mill and in 1853 Burch and his sons built a grist mill of rock and heavy timbers on the east side of the Weber River measuring forty-four feet by thirty feet. 

Wheat was funneled past the burrs on three sets of millstones placed in a row, each weighing 2,000 pounds and measuring 47-1/2 inches in diameter and 16-1/2 inches in thickness to be ground into fine flour and filtered into hoppers.  The mill upgraded to a roller system in 1896 but one set of millstones was retained and used until 1938.  One of these millstones is located outside of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum on the southeast corner of 21st Street and Lincoln Avenue in Ogden.  An iron band has been placed around it to keep this historic artifact intact. 

In 1858 John Taylor, who later became President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, purchased the structure naming it Taylor’s Mill and adding two tie bars to sure up the walls with the letters “J” and “T” discernible on the beams through the 1980’s.  Taylor hired Richard Dye, William C. Parker, and Edward Stratton to oversee operations and make improvements including the addition of a carding machine to untangle and clean wool fibers for processing into cloth. 

The mill had several owners over the years and was called the Associated Farmers’ Milling Co. when Clarence W. Stimpson and four other men purchased it and named it the All-O-Wheat Cereal Company in the 1930’s.  They introduced a line of breakfast cereals, wheat products and animal feed that was shipped to stores throughout the Intermountain West by truck to Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and by rail to Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Illinois. 

Owners of the mill terminated operations and closed the building located at 4287 Riverdale Road in the late 1980’s and after sitting vacant for nearly two decades the structure fell into disrepair and the owner had it demolished on October 27, 1997. 

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Mr. Stimpson worked at the mill between 1934 and 1949.
The recording was made in March 2014.
Lawrence Stimpson
Lawrence Stimpson






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