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Riverdale City Citizen Survey 2014

The Riverdale City Citizen Survey 2014 was conducted in the fall of 2014. In the survey, citizens were asked to rate and provide comments on services provided by the city. The report includes the overall results to each question, a side-by-side comparison to the 2010 survey, and submitted comments.

The Citizen Survey is an important communication tool for Riverdale City officials and staff and is used in the following ways:

  • Helps elected officials and staff assess citizen satisfaction.
  • Identifies areas where programs are performing above or below expectations.
  • Provides staff with important information on clientele and service usage.
  • Utilized by elected officials and staff in strategic planning and resource allocation decisions.

A total of 570 residents filled out the survey and returned it to the city, a response rate of 17.2%. Thank you to those citizens who took the time to express your opinions by responding to the survey.

The following options are available for viewing the Citizen Survey 2014 Report

Full Report: click here (PDF)

Overall statistical results: click here (PDF)

Comparison of the 2014 survey to the 2010 survey: click here (PDF)

Comments to survey questions: click here

Copy of the 2014 Citizens Survey click here (PDF)




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