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Candidate for City Council


4613 South 1100 West

Email: bartstevens51@hotmail.com

Bart Stevens

Bart Stevens and his wife, Debbie, have lived in Riverdale for the past twenty-three years where they have raised their five children. Bart has had many leadership opportunities through his civilian and military careers as well as community and church service.

  • Bart earned a Bachelor's Degree from Weber State and is currently employed at Hill AFB in logistics management.
  • He proudly served in the military, active duty and reserves for over thirty years.  
    • Joined the Marine Corps and later the Army Reserves, achieving ranks of E-7, enlisted, and Major as an officer.
    • Mobilized to active duty for "Desert Storm" and "Iraqi Freedom" with an overseas deployment.
  • Bart served nearly eight years on the Planning Commission, dealing with commercial and residential developments, and zoning and ordinance changes.

My Philosophy:

I believe that local government has the single greatest impact on the quality-of-life issues that affect a citizen's daily life.  

I've learned the importance of making principled decisions, seeking input from citizens, and prioritizing resources to get the most accomplished.

My goal is to maintain fiscal responsibility while ensuring a high level of services and amenities which makes Riverdale a great place to live!





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