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Jackie Manning
Riverdale City Recorder
4600 South Weber River Drive
Riverdale, UT 84405
Phone: (801)
394-5541 ext. 1232
Fax: (801) 399-5784

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

About our Recorder

City Council Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Redevelopment Agency Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Election Information

- Voter Registration
- Riverdale City Voting Districts
- Absentee Voter Information

Public Records


The Riverdale City Recorder is a unit of the City Administration Department.


Coordinate and conduct City elections

Maintain historical records of the City

Number and file ordinances and resolutions as adopted by the City Council

Maintain the Municipal Code

Records Manager for the City

Provide research of old records

Maintain City Council Agendas and Minutes  



To view the Riverdale City 2019 Notice of Election Click Here

Elections Information

Provisional Ballots
Provisional Ballots allow voters who are not on the official register to vote.
- The voter must provide proof of ID and proof of residency.
- The voter's ballot is kept in a separate envelope until eligibility is determined by the election official.
Why would a voter's name not be in the official register?
- The voter moved and did not re-register; or
- The voter registered and for some reason, did not get on the list.
This process is also used when the voter's right to vote is challenged.

Voter ID at the Polls

Valid Voter Identification will be required to vote in the 2013 Municipal Election. For more information click here.

Voters who register for the first time and are registering by mail are required to show ID either:

- At the polls or
- Upon registration.

Official registers will now indicate and judges need to be trained to recognize when a voter has to show ID.


No-Excuse Absentee Voting and other Absentee Info

In the past, in order to vote absentee, a voter must have needed a reason (i.e., out of town, sick, etc.). Legislation passed in 2004 now allows anyone to vote absentee - no reason needed! The goal is to encourage people to vote before Election Day, as well as increase turnout and ease the burden on election judges.

Any person who is registered to vote may vote by absentee ballot.

What information must be included in my application?

Your application must include your printed name, your residence address, the address you want the absentee ballot sent to, and the name and date of the election you are applying for (e.g. November , 1999, General Election). In addition, you must sign and date your application. Once you have obtained your ballot by following the steps outlined above, you can vote your ballot and return it by mail or personally.

How do I vote my ballot?

Follow the instructions which accompany your ballot provided by the elections official. Failure to complete your ballot correctly could jeopardize your vote. If you have any questions, call the elections official. You will receive all the supplies necessary for the use and return of the ballot.

Do I have to sign the absentee ballot return envelope?

Yes. The elections official, by comparing this signature to the signature on your voter registration card, can determine that you are the authorized voter. This is an important protection for you. Your signature will not allow anyone to determine how you voted.

If I lose the absentee ballot sent to me, can I get another one?

Yes. However, you must sign a statement under penalty of perjury that you have lost or did not receive the first absentee ballot. The elections official maintains a record of each request, and provides a list of these requests to the polling place to ensure that each voter only casts one ballot. If you vote twice by absentee ballot, even if by mistake, neither ballot will be counted.

I have a medical disability. Do I have to apply for an absentee ballot for each election?

No, not necessarily. If you have a medical disability which substantially impairs your mobility, or if you are the primary caregiver for such a voter, you may qualify as a “permanent absentee voter”. Such voters are automatically sent an absentee ballot application for every election. To become a permanent absentee voter, you must apply to the Weber County Clerk’s Office, 2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah, or telephone (801) 399-8400.

If I request an absentee ballot, can I change my mind and still vote at my regular polling place?


Can voters who have voted absentee then decide to go to their polling places and vote in person?

Not anymore. A registered voter may NOT vote in person if THE VOTER VOTED by absentee ballot.

How are absentee ballots counted?

In general, absentee ballots are counted the same as regular ballots cast at a polling place. Once it is determined that the signature on the absentee ballot return envelope matches the signature of the voter on his or her registration form, and that the voter has not voted at a polling place, the ballot and the envelope are separated. The ballot is then intermingled anonymously with other ballots in order to preserve the voter’s right to secrecy.

If the right of a voter to cast an absentee ballot is challenged, and that challenge is upheld, the ballot remains in the envelope, is not counted, and the reason is indicated on the envelope.

Voter Registration

It’s never too late to register to vote! In order to register in Weber County, you must contact the Office of the Weber County Clerk, 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT. Their telephone number is (801) 399-8400. Office Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To vote, a citizen must be a registered voter. To register to vote in Utah, you must:

  • Be a US Citizen

  • Be a resident of Utah (primary residence) for 30 days immediately before the next election; and

  • Be at least 18 years of age on or before the next election.

If you are all of the above the next step is to get a voter registration form. You can get one by going to or calling any of the following places:

County Clerk's Offices
Post Offices
Public Libraries
Vocational Rehabilitation Centers
Centers for Independent Living
The Disability Law Center (www.disabilitylawcenter.org) or 1-800-662-9080
Or print one from the Internet by going to https://secure.utah.gov/ovr/ovr.

After you fill out the form, you must mail it or take it to your County Clerk's Office. The addresses and phone numbers are listed on the back of the form.

What happens after I complete my voter registration form and mail or turn it in to the County Clerk?

After the form is received by the County Clerk, it will be processed in their office. Once the processing is done, you will be sent a voter identification card in the mail. This card will tell you your voting district as well as where you should go to vote. If you move or change your name, you must re-register to vote.

Riverdale City Voting Districts

Riverdale City is divided into five voting districts for the purpose of elections. To view map click here.

As a result of the Federal Census, every 10 years our state legislators redraw Senate, Legislative, and State School Board boundaries statewide. Those boundary changes are given to each County Clerk, and by law, the County Clerk must readjust the precinct boundaries within their county to conform to these new state boundaries. In addition, our precinct boundaries must also be adjusted to comply with state laws, one of which restricts the maximum number of active voters that can be included within each precinct. Precinct boundaries are also adjusted for school district boundary changes that are made by our school districts.



City Council Minutes

1946 – Present

Official record of the governing body of the City, the Council Minutes document elections, regulations, ordinances, resolutions, personnel, licensing, budget, zoning issues and all other types of official City business. An excellent resource for early City history and to ensure governmental accountability.

Information requests about the records can be made in person, by telephone at (801)394-5541 ext. 1232, by fax (801) 399-5784, or e-mail at jmanning@riverdalecity.com. Requests should include name, mailing address, telephone number, types of documents interested in, and the approximate dates. To view and print a “Records Request Form” click here.


·        The general laws of the City are contained in the Riverdale Municipal Code. Provisions of the Municipal Code are adopted by the Council by means of an ordinance.

·        To amend, delete or add provisions, another ordinance must be adopted.

·       A reference copy of the City Code is available in the City Recorder’s Office.

·       The Municipal Code has been codified and adopted (April 11, 2001) and is currently available on the Internet. To view the Code click here.





Riverdale City - 4600 South Weber River Drive, Riverdale, Utah 84405 - 801-394-5541 - email: info@riverdalecity.com