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Business License Page









































































Business Licenses Fees

Revised 03- 16, 2010



A. Base Fee: Base fees for business licenses are as follows:

1. General business license
Transfer Fee


2. Fair, circus and carnival:

First day 550.00
Each succeeding day 137.50

3. Temporary sales (auctions, Christmas tree lots, fireworks stands and car, truck and RV sales from parking lots)


4. Cleanup deposit for temporary sales


5. Temporary sales in permanent commercial establishments (45 days or less per year)


6. Home occupation license:

Inspection (if needed) 20.00
7. Residential Rental Triplex or more (per unit) All non-owner occupied dwellings 17.00

8. Peddler, solicitor, vendor license (per person, with each company to furnish a list of solicitors operating within the city)


9. Sexually oriented business: (not prorated) (additional to other licenses/fees required)

a. Adult business or seminude dancing bar


b. Outcall business


c. Seminude dancing agency or seminude entertainment business


d. Initial investigation fee (1 time fee in addition to above)


10. Sexually oriented business employee: (per individual, not prorated) (additional to other licenses/fees required)

a. Employee providing outcall business services away from business premises


b. Employee of subsections A9a through A9c of this section who is not a performer or provides no services outside licensed premises


c. Employee of subsection A9c of this section personally providing seminude entertainment to patrons


d. Professional dancer performing in seminude dancing bar


e. Any individual applying for more than 1 license under this subsection shall pay the higher of the fees, plus an additional fee per each additional license


11. Vending carts


12. Special Event Permit 100.00
a. Special Event vendors license (per vendor) 10.00
b. Law Enforcement Police Officer hourly rate 40.00
c. Additional fees may apply for use of city services  

13. New business (prorated per month of business after April 30th of each year.)


14. Non Profit Organizations...No Charge (Must be registered with the IRS as a 501(c) (3) Organization N/C


B. Variable Fees: Variable fees for business licenses are as follows (in addition to general fees, with the exception of home occupations, where no variable fees apply):

1. Barber and beauty shops per chair $ 11.00
2. Car dealership exterior display area (per 5,000 square feet or portion thereof) 55.00
3. Car wash (per wash bay) 25.00
4. Off premises advertising sign (per sign) 50.00
5. Billiard or pool table (per table) 55.00
6. Bowling lane (per lane) 25.00
7. Food establishment (per individual seat) 5.00
8. Golf course (per hole) 11.00
9. Mobile home park (per rental space) 5.00
10. Motel, hotel or other rental unit (per unit) 5.00
11. Movie theater or drive in (per screen) 110.00
12. Service station (per hose) 25.00
13. Storage units (per rental unit) 2.50
14. Storage space-open (per 1,000 square feet or portion thereof) 3.50
15. Coin or token operated gaming devices (per device) 25.00
16. Pawnshops 300.00
17. Swap meet  
Individual Vendors
18. New Business Variable Fees shall be prorated after April 30th for all new businesses applications. This fee will be calculated by taking the yearly variable fee and dividing by 12 and multiply this by the number of months the business will operate to December 31st of the same year.  

C. Square Footage: If none of the variable fees listed in subsection B of this section are applicable, apply square footage fee of fifty five dollars ($55.00) per five thousand (5,000) square feet or portion thereof (with the exception of home occupations, where no variable fees apply). The square footage fee will be prorated at $5.50 per month of business per 5,000 square feet for new business applications that are received after April 30th of each year.

D. Late Fee: A late fee of 25% of the total owing shall be assessed if a business fails to renew their business license on or before February 15th..



Fees for liquor licenses are as follows (in addition to general fees and variable fees):

A. Beer license fees:

1. Class A Off Premises


2. Class B Restaurant


3. Class C Tavern or Private Club


4. Class D Temporary



B. Liquor license fees:

1. Class A Single Event Permit


2. Class B Package Agency


3. Class C Restaurant


4. Class D Private Club





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