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The Riverdale City Code Enforcement Officer is Randy Koger. For questions about code enforcement please call 801-436-1241.

Inoperable or Junked Vehicles

Riverdale City is always trying to improve our image and create safe and beautiful neighborhoods. One area of concern for the City is the number of inoperable, abandoned, or junked vehicles stored in view of others.

Abandoned or inoperable vehicles on private properties are the most unsightly and most commonly reported nuisance violation. A junked vehicle parked in one place for more than a few days or one that is not running can be attractive to vermin, thieves, or curious children in the neighborhood and pose a public health risk.

Secondly, the vehicles are just plain "unsightly" and should be removed from our neighborhoods. As such, the City Code Enforcement notifies property owners as well as vehicle owners regarding abandoned or inoperable vehicles that are seen (visible) upon private property. The City urges residents or owners of these junked vehicles to be proactive and address the issue prior to the City becoming involved…it’s easier that way.

Riverdale City Code title 4-5-3 (21) and (22) is the City ordinance that addresses this unsightly violation. It defines nuisance vehicles as:

21. Abandoned Vehicles: A car, truck, bus, motor home, fifth wheel vehicle, trailer, camper, boat, jet ski, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, and/or a combination thereof or any other vehicle that is not currently registered or is in an undrivable condition or unusable as a vehicle and is visible from a public street or an adjoining property. If any of the above mentioned types of vehicles are visible from a public street or an adjoining property the vehicle or vehicles if allowed to remain on property must be stored/enclosed in an approved accessory building or garage. Tarps, covers, tents or temporary shelters are not approved enclosures to be used for the purpose of complying with this section.

22. Improper Parking Or Storage:
a. Parking or storage of inoperative, unregistered, abandoned, wrecked or dismantled vehicles, boats, trailers or vehicle parts, including recreational vehicles, on a premises or in the public right of way. Storage or parking that is specifically allowed by the city's zoning ordinance shall not be considered a nuisance.

b. Parking or storage of registered vehicles, trailers or boats in violation of city ordinance.

The City is requesting that land-owners take action to clean-up their properties, especially in regards to inoperable vehicles, RV’s or boats, etc. If these vehicles are stored in such a way as to be visible they are in violation of City Code and the owner will be given a citation through the City’s code enforcement officer.

Perhaps contacting a local car recycle business could be helpful and may be able to remove or tow the vehicle away. The City is asking for the Land-owners cooperation in this endeavor, please help us keep Riverdale a beautiful place to live and work!




Riverdale City - 4600 South Weber River Drive, Riverdale, Utah 84405 - 801-394-5541 - email: info@riverdalecity.com