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Q Must Plans be Stamped? BACK

A Yes & No

The following plans do need to be stamped:
• New Commercial Buildings that are over 2000 sq. feet
• Additions that are over 2000 sq. feet
• Commercial Remodels that are over 2000 sq. feet
• Unusual construction such as mixing building systems wood/masonry/steel as structural elements or buildings of unusual shape.
• New Residential (Single family dwellings and duplexes)
• Residential Additions
• Residential Garages or Sheds

The following plans generally do not need to be stamped; unless, the construction is not conventional:

• Residential Remodels

Q Who may stamp plans? BACK

A Plans may be stamped by:

• Architectural plans may be stamped by architect or engineer
• Structural sheets (commercial) must be stamped by Engineer
• Structural Calculations must be stamped by Engineer
• Plumbing, mechanical and electrical plans may require a stamp depending on the complexity.

Q How many sets of plans must be submitted? BACK

A Two complete sets must be submitted: Also, we may require 2 sets of electrical, mechanical and/or plumbing plans depending on the complexity of the project.

• architectural sets
• structural sets (generally w/architectural)
• sets of structural calculations
• sets of specifications
• energy compliance forms
• site plans

• architectural plans
• site plans
• sets of structural calculations
• MEC compliance forms, completed

Q What contractors are required to do building, additions, or repairs in Riverdale? BACK

A Generally only the licensed general contractor is required to pull a building permit. The other subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) that we regulate will be on the building permit pulled by the general contractor. Note: If people contract to work on your house you should make sure they are licensed.

License Requirements:

Almost all contractors must be licensed with the State of Utah. The State of Utah requires that we confirm that the General Contractor/Builder, Electrical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor and the Mechanical Contractor are licensed. If you hire a General Contractor or Construction Company to build your home, it is their responsibility to assure Riverdale City that the sub-contractors are licensed.

If you are the owner and builder you are not required to have a license, and you may do all the work yourself. An owner/builder certificate must be signed, notarized, and returned to the Building and Zoning department prior to the issuance of a building permit. For your convenience, a copy of the owner/builder certificate can be printed from the City’s web page. Note: building, additions, or repairs to commercial buildings must be completed by a licensed general contractor.

Q What is the policy for moved buildings? BACK

A Whenever a building is moved from a lot/site/town/county to another parcel of property, the moved building (house) must conform to ALL current codes as if it was a new building.

Q What is the policy on Manufactured Homes? BACK

A A permit is required to set a Manufactured home.

QWhat signatures are needed on permit applications, and who should take out the permit? BACK

A See permit application attached and see * by required signature.

Q If I construct an addition or remodel, will I need to bring my existing building into compliance with current building codes? BACK

A Generally no as long as the existing construction is in compliance with the codes that were in effect at the time your building was built. This is almost never a problem unless a real life safety threat is apparent (like dilapidated equipment or missing guardrails). However, smoke detectors and CO detectors MUST be installed for remodel or repairs anytime a permit is pulled.

Q Is a building permit required to re-roof your home? Either re-shingle; re-tar or tar & gravel? BACK

A Yes for a total tear off. A total tear off is the removal of all material exposing the roof deck.

Q Is a building permit required to do a roof conversion? BACK

A Yes, a permit is required.

Q Should I shovel the snow off my roof? BACK

A It all depends on the weight of the snow. The risk of back and limb injuries from falling off a roof out weigh the necessity of removing the snow. However, for excessive buildup of snow, we would suggest you call a professional roofer to remove the snow.

Q Are weekend inspections available? BACK

A Weekend inspections are only available if authorized by the Chief Building Official. There must be a real need as this is the exception to the rule. There is an extra charge for weekend inspections in addition to the Building Permit Fee. The inspector is paid overtime for these inspections by Riverdale City. Fees must be paid directly to the city, never to an inspector.

Q Do I need a permit to demolish a structure? BACK

A Before you demolish a structure you must secure a demolition permit from our Building Inspection Division and clearance from the Weber County Health Department. The permit is required by section 106.1 of the Uniform Building Code. The permit process accomplishes four things:

1.      Insures there is no friable asbestos in the building, or that friable asbestos has been removed by appropriate means by a contractor licensed for asbestos removal.

2.      Insures that all utility lines to the building have been terminated at a safe location by the utility companies.

3.      Removes the demolished building from the State tax roles.

4.      Insure that appliances and electrical devices that might contain hazardous materials have been disposed of properly.

Q What is the penalty for building without a permit? BACK

A Penalties are:

1. The cost of the required building permit will double as a penalty.

2. You could incur daily penalties until the structure is brought into compliance.

3. You may have to demolish the structure if it is found that the structure is located on your property in violation of existing city ordinances

Q What Repairs Do Not Need A Building Permit? BACK

A The following do not require a building permit:

1.      Replacing glass and/or doors without changing the size of the exterior wall openings..

2.      Re-roofing directly over not more than 1 layer of roofing shingles, for a total of two layers.

3.      Replacing defective plumbing fixtures with equivalent fixtures.

4.      Replacing electrical lights and receptacles with equivalent devices.

5.      Building a deck or platform that is less than 30" above the adjoining ground. NOTE: Location of the structure still requires a no-cost review from the Planning/Zoning Division at 394-5541 ext. 1216.

6.      Building a detached accessory structure that is less than 200 square feet in floor area and only one story in height. NOTE: Location of the structure still requires a no-cost review from the Planning/Zoning Division at 394-5541 ext. 1216.

7.      Erecting a fence that is less than 6 feet in height measured from adjoining grade; includes wood, concrete, masonry, and vinyl fences.

8.      Driveways and patios without roof coverings are exempt from permit requirements. NOTE: Altering the public sidewalk, curb & gutter, or the driveway approach requires a permit from the Public Works Department prior to construction or demolition at 394-5541 ext. 1216.


This article, while not all inclusive, attempts to address the most common issues. If you have any questions about this handout, or any construction-related matter, please do not hesitate to call the Building and Zoning office at 394-5541 ext. 1215



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