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Chief Scott Brenkman
4580 S. Weber River Drive
Riverdale, Utah 84405

Emergencies: 911
Office (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm): 801-394-6616
After hours dispatch (non-emergencies): 801-629-8221

Riverdale Police Department Picture

Riverdale City is home to 8600 residents, but swells to a large daytime population due to the commercial district and main thoroughfare between cities. This can create challenges for the department as we deal with traffic related problems during the day and protection of our commercial district at night.  The police department consists of 19 sworn officers and 3 civilian staff members. We take great pride in our Community Policing efforts and partner with citizens and businesses to resolve issues as they occur. The city is divided into precincts with an officer assigned to each one. We encourage our officers to get to know the residents within the city and their precinct so we can work together with all of our citizens to achieve the goal of crime free neighborhoods and business districts.   Our officers are committed to professionalism, integrity and service in everything they do.
We believe our job is to protect our community, but also of equal importance is to serve them. We strive to not only respond to your calls for service, but to resolve those issues to the best of our ability which hopefully will create a better quality of life for everyone. We hope that whether you reside in Riverdale, shop, work, or play that you feel safe and welcome. 

The latest trend we have noticed is that citizens will report suspicious activity, or crimes they have been victims of to social media before calling us.  While this is a good tool to notify neighbors and others to keep an eye on their neighborhoods for suspicious activity, we hope that your first action will be to call us to respond and investigate.  If we don’t know about a problem, it will continue to be one.  Sometimes people delay contacting us for a considerable amount of time when they have been the victim of a crime. Time is usually a key factor to help us solve crimes so don’t delay in contacting us.  We’re always open, you don’t need to wait until the morning to report something that is occurring during the night.    We would much rather respond numerous times to check on something than not receive a call and have a crime occur.

Riverdale City is a great place to live, work, play and shop.  We care about the community and want to keep our neighborhoods and businesses free of crime.  You will find that our officers are well trained, friendly and very capable of helping you resolve problems.

Unfortunately, we live in a time of unpredictable and random acts of violence that have occurred in our schools, churches, places of entertainment and in the workplace.  We encourage you to watch the following video so you will have the mindset if ever caught in one of these situations to react in a way that could save your life and the lives of others.  As you watch the video, keep in mind that you will not react necessarily in the order of run, hide, fight.  You may have to immediately go to fight mode depending upon the circumstance.  Law enforcement response will be quick, however, these active shooter incidents happen quickly with people being injured, or killed within seconds so being as prepared as possible is key to your safety.
To watch the video titled “Run, Hide, Fight” please click here.


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Bicycle Safety

Neighborhood Watch Block Parties

Prescription Drug Drop-Off Box

Riverdale Parking Ordinances

Idenity Theft

Emergency Notification Cell Phone Registry

Unclaimed Property Notice

If you the victim of a crime committed by a convicted criminal alien you can register for the Victim Request for Notification of Criminal Alien Status. For information click here.




Riverdale Police Department

Mission Statement

Exceeding expectations through honor, integrity, professionalism and service to all within our community.













































Riverdale City - 4600 South Weber River Drive, Riverdale, Utah, - 801-394-5541 - email: info@riverdalecity.com