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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my street the last one plowed? City streets are plowed on a priority basis. First priority is given to collector streets, hills, and other high priorities. Second priority is arterial streets. Third priority is residential streets, cul-de-sacs, and dead ends. It may take ten to twelve hours after a snow storm to clear all of the streets.

Can I push the snow from my driveway or sidewalk onto the street? No, this could cause a hazard for people driving on the street and will also result in a citation.

Why do the snowplows plow in our driveways? Our initial effort is to keep the streets open for travel. As time allows we will plow the street back to the curb and gutter. This helps provide for other services such as garbage pick up and mail delivery. You can help avoid extra snow from being pushed into the driveway by piling the snow on the downstream side of the driveway.

How often do you sweep the streets? Weather permitting we will start sweeping in March and sweep every 7 weeks until October. Every street should be swept. Obstacles such as parked cars, vegetation, trees and other objects blocking the street may prevent us from sweeping in front of your home or business.

Why does the city put small rock chips on the road? The small rock chips are a surface treatment commonly referred to as a chip seal. Chip seal treatments provide increased traction, longer pavement life and decreased maintenance costs.

Do I need a permit to plant trees in the park strip? Yes, large trees damage sidewalks, curb and gutter, decrease visibility, and can be a hazard for people walking on the sidewalk. The city requires a permit to be filled out and approved. Tree types must be selected from the tree list on the permit.

There is a pothole in the road what should I do? Please call the Public Works Department at 801-394-5541 ext. 1201.

The street light in my neighborhood is not working? Please call the Public Works Department at 801-394-5541 ext. 1201.

For further information please call the public works department at 394-5541 ext. 1217


Can I take my dog to the park? At this time dogs are allowed in city parks and on the trail system. Riverdale Park is restricted to dogs on the trail only. Dogs are required to be on a leash. It is the responsibility of the handler to control and clean up after their animal.

Can the park pavilions be reserved? The large Park pavilions can be reserved. The small park pavilions are not reserved. Park pavilions can be reserved by calling 801-394-5541 ext. 1270

Why does the city water the park every night? City parks are watered between 10 pm and 6 am to avoid conflicts with park users. To meet these time constraints different areas of the park are watered each night. On large parks it may take three consecutive nights to water the entire park. Our goal is to keep the parks green and conserve water.

For further information please call the public works department at 394-5541 ext. 1217


Is my water safe to drink? The drinking water provided to you meets or exceeds all state standards and is routinely tested to make sure.

What is the ph and hardness of our water? The water ph is7.8 and hardness is12 grains. This information is typically used to set up water softeners.

Why do we see fire hydrants being flushed? Fire hydrants are flushed for numerous reasons. Some of these are to ensure proper operation of the hydrant, flow testing, pipe maintenance and water quality.

Does Riverdale City have secondary water? Some areas of the city have secondary water; the majority of the city uses culinary water for outside irrigation.

There is water coming up in my yard or street what should I do? Contact the public works department at 801-394-5541 ext. 1201 or after hours at dispatch at 801-629-8221.

How do I sign up for utilities or change the name on my utility bill? To sign up for utilities you will need to complete a utility service application and supply proof of ownership. Proof of ownership can be provided by a settlement statement or deed. You will also need to provide a current legal  picture id. Utility application forms are available at the city office building, public works building, and online( TAB).

My water bill seems to be high what should I do? First check for leaks in and around your home. Small leaks in toilets, air conditioners, water softeners, taps and other appliances can really add up in a month’s time. Second check your sprinkler system for leaks, proper precipitation rates, and how many times per week you are watering. If you need further assistance please call the public works department at 801-394-5541 ext. 1201.

Why does the city still charge the base fee on utilities if the home is vacant? The city's utility rates are structured so that all customers share in the fixed cost of providing utility service. A portion of revenue from this charge helps defray the cost of maintenance of about one hundred miles of water, sewer, storm drain pipes and easements without infringing on private property.
The balance is retained by the Utility Systems Department to help defray costs of needed long term system improvements. The city’s rate base includes its investment in facilities (pipelines, valves, buildings, etc.) and the operating funds, or “working capital,” necessary to operate on a day-to-day basis.

Whether someone is in the home or not, we still provide service to that home. For example: If the home were to catch fire, there still must be water in the fire hydrant near the home to put out the fire. When someone occupies the home, water is still expected to be to the home. We are still required to repair the service line if it is leaking. The same can be said about the sewer line to the home. There is still storm water runoff coming from the roof and other hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks and out buildings and we are therefore still providing a service by conveying the water away with the storm drainage system. The base fees you are charged cover all of these basic services.

For further information please call the public works department at 394-5541 ext. 1217


The drains in my house are backing up what should I do? Sewer line backups occasionally occur. Most blockages occur in the sewer lateral. This is the line that runs from the house or business to the sewer main line. In rare instances a sewer mainline may back up. To help prevent damage when a backup occurs, notify the public works department at 394-5541 ext. 1201 from 7 am to 5 pm, after hours call dispatch at 801-629-8221. Immediately quit using water that would be going into the sewer line i.e.: sinks, toilets, tubs and other plumbing fixtures. Blockages in the sewer lateral are the responsibility of the owner. Sewer mainline problems will be fixed by the city or their contractor. For further information call 394-5541 ext. 1217

For further information please call the public works department at 394-5541 ext. 1217


What is the cost for a second garbage or recycle can? Second garbage cans are $5.32 per month and second recycle cans are $3.12. Second garbage or recycle cans must be kept a minimum of six months.

What day do I set my recycle can out? Recycle cans are picked up biweekly. To view the Recycle Page with maps and additional information click here.

What services are available to cleanup my yard? The city offers a spring and fall cleanup day. Dumpsters will be placed at multiple locations in the city and residents can bring green waste and other items. Watch for upcoming dates in the city newsletter.

I have green waste from my yard where can it be disposed of? Weber County will accept green waste at the compost facility at 2618 W Pioneer Road. Their phone number is 801-726-8212. Green waste can also be disposed of at the transfer station at 867 W Wilson Lane. Their phone number is 801-399-8358.

My garbage/recycle can is broken or missing what should I do? Call the public works department at 801-399-5541 ext. 1201.

My garbage can wasn’t emptied what should I do? Call the public works department at 801-399-5541 ext. 1201.

For further information please call the public works department at 394-5541 ext. 1217


  • Electricity is provided by Rocky Mountain Power they can be reached at 888-221-7070. 
  • Natural gas is provided by Dominion Energy. They can be reached at 801-621-3262.
  • Secondary water is provided by Pineview Water 801-621-6555 or Weber Basin Water 801-771-1677 (Most areas of Riverdale do not have secondary water).

 For further information please call the public works department at 394-5541 ext. 1217





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