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Due to the June 11th fire along the Weber River corridor, a section of the river trail is closed. The closed section runs from the 3550 South access trail to the 3750 South access trail. This area remains dangerous due to the possibility of falling trees which are still smoldering. A section of one of the bridges (the middle bridge) was completely burned as well (see pictures). This section of trail will remain closed until the bridge can be replaced.

To view a map showing the closed section and detour click here.






Bridge Placement

A new pedestrian bridge has been set in place at the south end of the Weber River trail. The new bridge is located about a mile and a half south of the south trail parking lot (near the Civic Center). The bridge connects to a two mile section of unpaved trail running south along the Weber River. The bridge will not be open for use until early spring when the concrete deck is poured and ramps built. This is an exciting addition to our river trail system.


The Riverdale trail system has become a very popular place to visit, walk, ride, and jog. Because it is so popular it has become necessary to beef up enforcement of city rules and ordinances concerning the trail system so that all can enjoy it. The patrons of the trail system have experienced less than desirable conditions such as dog droppings, dogs off leashes going after walkers and joggers, and bicyclists traveling too fast. The city has received numerous complaints regarding these problems.

In response to these problems our Animal Control Officer Bonnie Jones will spend more time on the trail and will exercise zero tolerance for those not conforming to the rules of the trail.  She will issue citations for any unleashed dogs on the trail. We will also be sending police officers multiple times each day to watch for offenders with a zero tolerance stance. We hope that by enforcing these laws residents will feel safer and enjoy their experiences on the trail. 

The connection on the north end of the Weber River Trail to the Centennial Trail system is now complete. The new paved section of trail includes underpasses at 31st Street and the railroad tracks. Residents can now enjoy a ten mile continuous trail from the south end of Riverdale to the mouth of Ogden Canyon.


A new section of the Weber River Trail was completed in 2009. The newest mile long section was added to the south end of the existing trail.

The completed trail is the fourth segment of the Weber River Pathway in Riverdale. The paved trail runs along the Weber River, through cottonwood forest, and wetlands areas.

The entire trail runs from a mile and a half south of the Riverdale Civic Center, north under the Riverdale Road viaduct, continues to the north city border, and then runs under Parker Drive where it now connects to Ogden City trails.

The trail head parking lots are located just south of the Civic Center, near the Kayak Park off of 600 West and at the north end of the trail off Parker Drive.
To view a map of trail head, restroom, and access point locations click here.

The entire Weber River Parkway Trail consists of three miles of paved trail for walking, running, biking, roller blades, wheel chairs and strollers. The majority of the area along the trail will remain in its natural state to protect habitat critical to wildlife.

To view a map of the trail click here.

To view a slideshow of the trail click here



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