Representatives of the Canal Company have said affected property owners should register their names, addresses, etc. with the Olympus Insurance Agency, an agent for Hartford, by calling Ruth or Leo at (801)486-1373.

The Canal Company is presently working to relocate the canal farther west, both as a temporary measure to restore irrigation water, and as a permanent measure. It will not be possible to rebuild the canal in the location where the breech occurred.

Davis & Weber Counties Canal Co.--774-6373
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Statement of Davis & Weber Counties Canal Company

First, we express our profound concern and sympathy for those who sustained damage as a result of this flood. We are grateful that there was no loss of life or personal injury, but we understand that many people have sustained damage to their homes and property. We are gratified with the response of citizens who have volunteered their time to assist those in need with the efforts of community officials, especially those from Riverdale City and Weber County. In addition, we are concerned about the water users whose service has been interrupted by this accident.

Second, we are presently doing our best to determine what caused the canal to break, but we have no answers as yet. Unfortunately, the resulting damage may make it difficult or even impossible to determine the cause. We do not think it would be helpful at this time to speculate.

Third, the Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company has successfully operated this canal system for 115 years. We have a regular monitoring and maintenance program. We have never had an accident of this magnitude.

Fourth, we immediately contacted our insurance company and it has assigned claims adjusters who have already been to the site and will continue to investigate claims. The investigation is in its early stages. The insurance company needs to make determinations as to liability and damages. We cannot comment further about the claims process until we have more information.

Finally, in the last several days, we have had a number of meetings concerning the reconstruction and rerouting of the canal in the area of the flood and the restoration of the hillside. We are actively seeking solutions to these issues.

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