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New Launch Site for the
Riverdale Old Glory Days Fireworks

July 4, 2016

To improve safety, there will be a new launch site for the fireworks at the "Old Glory Days" celebration this year. This will change past viewing locations, so we wanted to make sure this information gets out to all of those citizens who plan on attending.

Below is the fallout map; this map illustrates the viewing areas, as well as the increase in parking at the Community Center. Vendors will also not need to relocate this year, like years past. All kids activities (games, trains, etc...) and play ground will run as normal throughout the day.

The fallout zone will be clearly marked well in advance with chalk lines, signs, and barriers. The restricted fallout zone will be enforced two hours prior and during the firework display.

Benefits to this move:
* Increase Safe Viewing Area
* Two Emergency Access Points
* No Structures within Fallout Zone
* Vendors Don’t Need to Re-Locate
* Safety to Citizens
* No Issues with I-84 and I-15
* Secure Firework Set-Up Area

If you have any questions please contact Chief Jared Sholly at Riverdale Fire Department at 801-394-7481.

Fireworks Map 2016

Click on map to view a larger image (PDF file).




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